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Rappler wrote a critical piece on Speaker Cayetano with no real basis? Wow! Shocker

Rappler, the country’s leading blog site pretending to be a news portal, has recently released yet another piece in their anti-Cayetano series. Their editors and writers surely thought it was going to be a scathing, insightful, and critical piece of journalism exposing the evil workings of the House Speaker. But instead, it’s an angry diary entry written like a piece of showbiz chismis.

Only Rappler could make a headline like “charm offensive” to spin an effective House Leadership as a bad thing. Just so we’re clear, that’s not a talent or a compliment to Rappler – that’s saying how truly terrible their standards are now for what passes as content.

The piece spins Speaker Cayetano’s incredibly high ratings, the unity of the House, and the praise he receives from his colleagues as part of some sinister plot. Of course, when you don’t like someone, you view everything they do as negative. This is fine for gossip sessions or tabloids, but Rappler is still trying to fool itself and international media into thinking it has any integrity.

The article paints Speaker Cayetano’s election as dirty, even though he was voted in as House Leader by his peers after receiving the President’s endorsement. It’s already January 2020 and yet they are still talking about the Speakership race that happened mid-last year in an attempt to divide the House and sow discord.

The piece continues on to criticize Speaker Cayetano for giving equal opportunity to all members of the House to serve their constituents. They seem to be upset that he isn’t playing political games, maybe because they have to overwork their two remaining brain cells to come up with some other bullshit besides the “press freedom, dictator, oppression, blah” drum they’ve been beating since 2016. So they want us to be mad that every fairly elected official, no matter the political party, has been given the opportunity to serve in the House to the best of their abilities.

Rappler is even upset that Speaker Cayetano socializes with House Members. Ridiculous, right?

And what is this “SEA Games backlash” they refer to?

The House of Representatives as an institution has seen its highest ratings in recent history under Speaker Cayetano’s leadership. The House leader himself has enjoyed public approval and trust soar far higher than the office typically receives. Rappler obviously has a problem with that, which is why they are attempting to destabilize things in their pathetic, irrelevant way. The only thing possibly interesting about this piece, besides how we can laugh at it, is how it makes you wonder who is funding Rappler’s attack on Congress.

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