Younger Filipinos Are Helping to Reverse the Brain Drain

Younger Filipinos Are Helping to Reverse the Brain Drain

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For generations of Filipinos the pursuit of a good life has never been easy. And for many that quest has led to foreign shores, and uncertain chances.

But despite the difficulties the dream still holds strong for the millions of Filipinos who venture out into the world with nothing more than their hope and courage to sustain them through the oppressive lonliness of being far from home.

In the early days of the Pinoy diaspora the vanguard was made up of fathers who wanted to make a better life for their families. The land then was the middle east with their construction boom and insatiable thirst for Filipino engineers and skilled laborers.

The subsequent waves of migration that followed saw flights of teachers, nurses, domestic helpers, sailors, and everything else that the Philippines could provide to the global employment market. Despite our small size, we were the giants of the overseas workers movement.

Today, a new generation of Filipinos are also testing the waters abroad. Young, idealistic, and adventurous – this new breed of Pinoy world conquerors have set their sites on learning from the best educational institutions and bringing their knowledge back to the Philippines.

Australia, New Zealand, the US, and the various European nations have become the prime destinations for the Filipino youth who are hoping to expand their personal horizons and contribute to their knowledge to nation building.

Capitalizing on this growing ‘brain gain’ trend, several companies have set up shop in all parts of the Philippines. Their main purpose – to assist Filipinos in getting the best education that the world has to offer.

According to Fortrust Philippines, one of the leading agencies in this field, “Through education, Fortrust has helped change the life of thousands of Filipinos. Our experienced education counselors act as life coaches to those who are unsure of what career path to take, and mentors to professionals looking to expand their qualifications.”

For those interested in attending their free career counseling seminars, you can call them through 0995 107 7770, 0999 197 7777,  (02) 551 25 42 or email them at [email protected] You may also click on this link for more details: Fortrust Philippine Free Seminars


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